Product Updates as of October 2014

Sellers Corner

Seller’s Corner used to have just the Ongoing, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Bimonthly alert options. We understand that some of your contacts may have just bought a home or simply prefer to not to have many e-mails sent to them. Sometimes you have to adjust the frequency of e-mails to just a few times a year.

We have added a quarterly alert option so that you are able to remind people of your services, but be respectful or their preferences and where they are in the buying process.

Your Neighborhood

We have added instructions for your website visitors to get them started on the right path. We wanted to make the experience more welcoming and convenient for your leads and past clients.

It is important that your contacts not be fearful and understand that the process is a very easy one. It is just another way for us to make sure that your website visitors stay engaged.

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