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Happy Holidays! PropertyMinder would like to celebrate the season of giving by introducing its new AccelerAd™ technology to its already impressive line of AccelerAgent™ websites for Realtors® and Real Estate Agents.

The PropertyMinder AccelerAd™ tool allows Realtors® to simply post their listings from their PropertyMinder website onto Craigslist. Exposing the property on Craigslist can lead to more traffic, website activity, and leads. AccelerAd™ will simultaneously promote your listing AND drive traffic back to your PropertyMinder website. This win/win equation will help save time, get more exposure, increase web traffic, and potentially capture more business.

Inside the Inventory Manager of your PropertyMinder website, there will be an extra link next to each listing that says “Post to Craigslist”. Just click on the link for the specific property and it will then take you to the Accelerad Setup Menu.

AccelerAd Inventory Manager

Once inside the setup menu, there will be several options that can be edited. First off, you will be able to edit the Posting Title which is what Craigslist buyers will see. We recommend to make an attracting title such as, “Beautiful Home with White Picket Fence” which the visitors will click onto. Anther option that is available in the setup menu is to input your Craigslist email login. This will allow all your Craigslist posts to be saved inside the Craigslist account and you will be able to keep track of all your submitted posts. The other two options are the ability to Copy the HTML code for the AccelerAd. This is more of an advanced option whereas if the Craigslist link ever breaks, you can use the HTML code and manually insert the ad into Craigslist. The last option is where you can change the city/area that you are posting into Craigslist. By default, the AccelerAd should pick the correct part of Craigslist that the specific home you selected should be inputted into. If you ever need to change the City/Area, you will easily be able to change it there.

AccelerAd Setup Menu

After selecting the options in the AccelerAd setup menu, clicking on Submit will get you into the Craigslist post. It will NOT automatically submit the listing. You will have to continue into the selected prompts and the Captcha screen to actually submit it. Also, check your email on file with Craigslist to finish posting the property. In all, it should take about a minute or so to add the listing in. This should heavily decrease time inputting these types of ads and I know a lot of Realtors will appreciate that.

AccelerAd Example Picture

If you are a listing agent and have at least 1 property for sale, please sign up today for a Free 30 Day Trial of our AccelerAgentTM websites powered by our new AccelerAdTM technology. Ask us for a 30-day no risk trial by calling (800) 743-5820 today.

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