PropertyMinder adds audio to its Real Estate websites

Combining text with audio helps improve your website’s visitor comprehension.

Reading your slogan, mission statement, and business philosophy require concentration and mental effort. For most of us, multitasking becomes virtually impossible when we try to absorb the words while reading. Your website visitors may redirect their attention to bright images, flash designs or animations before they even finish reading your slogan. As a result, many do not see your unique value proposition on the spot.

AccelerAgentTM Websites’ new audio feature helps convey your message to visually distracted readers.

Being virtually bombarded with advertising, we become immune to commercials and we only look at ads for about two to five seconds on average. We see the words with our eyes, engage with the layout of the text, and we subconsciously acknowledge the paragraph breaks and emphasis on certain words. This is one of the reasons why the best ads, unique marketing statements, headlines and slogans are limited to just a few words.

AccelerAgentTM Websites now feature the latest Text to Speech (TTS) Technology. It can convert unlimited text and dynamically generated content to audio in seconds. Only PropertyMinder Websites can play content that is not pre-recorded. Text-to-speech is a process through which text is rendered as digital audio and then “spoken”. Agents may select the voice and gender of the speaker that will deliver their marketing messages to buyers and sellers.

In Web 2.0 reality, enabling audio on your website can help communicate your value to your target audience and deliver your marketing message in a short period of time.

Research has shown that when read aloud and simultaneously shown, text is better absorbed by the reader. This is also why services like Podcast* became a popular marketing media for businesses.

PropertyMinder AccelerAgentTM Websites may sometimes be referred to as “Talking Websites”. They simply communicate with great impact.

Imagine a Sales Representative that speaks to each of your website visitors, giving detailed information on the service you provide. Speaking websites will increase your number of buyers.

AccelerAgentTM Websites make your guest’s experience more interactive. Go beyond flat text and communicate your value with impact. Stand out from the crowd.

Since 1999, PropertyMinder has helped thousands of Real Estate agents and brokers adjust quickly to post-Internet revolution and take advantage of tremendous Internet Marketing opportunities to secure their success in Real Estate.
We invite all our readers to test drive the AccelerAgentTM Websites at Ask us for a 30-day no risk trial by calling (800) 743-5820 today.

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