PropertyMinder Extends Search Engine Advertising Management Program

After four years of successfully managing search engine advertising for thousands of PropertyMinder customers in California, Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia, the company will offer the same service to real estate agents and brokers in Canada.

Last year, PropertyMinder customers with limited sphere of influence and restricted advertising budgets were able to add new contacts and attract hundreds of tech-savvy Generation X buyers and sellers for a fraction of the traditional advertising costs

To keep this program cost effective, PropertyMinder will price this program to reflect local market conditions and will limit the number of participants in the program to reflect local competition.

“Search engine advertising is an integral part of the PropertyMinderiMARKETING System. More and more agents discover the benefits of inbound marketing these days. For many, this program remains to be one of the most cost effective marketing alternatives,” said Jane Ellsworth, vice president of Sales.

The PropertyMinder iMARKETING System blends traditional practices with highly reliable and innovative Internet marketing technology.

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