Psssssssst! A new PropertyMinder tool is coming…keep this in mind!

Starting acquiring Sellers Addresses in……….

We are currently developing the most innovative listing generation technology that has ever hit the market.

This interactive tool will personally maintain a relationship with every homeowner you know without using ANY of your valuable time.

Due to its exclusivity, we cannot disclose all of the details, but we highly recommend that you start organizing your database and update your sellers folder with your clients’ addresses.

By the end of the year, we will launch “Sellers Corner.” Say goodbye to your clients ever going to Zillow again.

Let us create the inventory together.

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2 Responses to “Psssssssst! A new PropertyMinder tool is coming…keep this in mind!”

  1. I would like to check this out if this can compete with Zillow’s Make Me Move!
    Is this program compatible with my laptop OS?

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:

    Great to hear from you Fred. We will definitely let you know once we release it.
    As for sending your clients to Zillow’s “Make Me Move”- this is not doing you any favors.
    If you would not send your buyers to another agent’s open house without you, then you should not send them to Zillow. Our Seller’s Corner will keep your clients away from Zillow. That is why we are building it.

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