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My work as a telesales representative has exposed how countless realtors are in the dark about what’sreally available at PropertyMinder.

The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: “Have you heard about our specialized branding, custom IDX

and newly-launched Seller’s Corner tool?”


Agent: “To be perfectly honest, my brokerage already provides what you’re offering.

I’m quite happy.”

Me: “Well, not exactly…”

Agent: (CLICK!)

Let’s take a look at the FACTS:

Our company enhances the quality of your business by stimulating
an unmatched degree of empowered individuality by:

Providing homeowners with unlimited access to every one of your
MLS listings as well your value, your brand, your inventory and your expertise.

We have an assortment of tools beyond compare

Our Listing Generation tool that maintains a Top-of-Mind relationship with every homeowner in your database
by providing them with up to date neighborhood listing activity.

Our customizable interactive map for your clients to search
for any home that matches their exact needs.

Now, with that said… 

Allow us to demonstrate our distinct technological features that set us apart from your current services and are effectively designed to strengthen and galvanize you
with a more independently-driven and personalized system!

Try out our 30 Day Free Test Drive!



It’s not too late!

You still have time to register for one of our
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September 23rd
Client Relationship Management

September 25th
Seller’s Corner and Client Tracking

September 30th
MLS Searches

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