Rainy Days are for cuddling up with a cup of hot chocolate aaaand your CRM

An idea of what to do when (or if) it’s raining……
Organize your database by placing clients into the appropriate groups in your CRM.
For example, If you have a cousin that bought a home in 2009 they should be in your:
- Referrals/Family Folder
- Sellers’ Folder
- 5 year owner’s folder
A good CRM will allow you to create custom groups. Custom groups will strengthen your agent- to- client relationships because the content you are sending to your clients is specific to exactly what may resonate with them.
With our example, it is a close relative that bought a home 5 years ago, who will receive neighborhood updates, so they have a solid understanding of the Potential Listing Price of their home.
When your database is properly organized you create less gaps and holes for clients to fall into. These gaps and holes cause lost referrals and transactions. 
So if it is a rainy today, spend some time in your CRM. The contents of your CRM create your income and without your database you would not be a real estate agent.
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Enjoy that cup of sweet goodness. Stay dry folks!
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