Re-establishing that connection with past clients or leads. Give ‘em a ring!

The Analogue Agent in a Digital Age

We all have the best of intentions, but it’s easy to lose contact with a past client or real estate lead. Yes, you have a CRM or monthly newsletter, but let’s face it, you may have failed to make a phone call, pay a visit, write a note, say happy birthday, or send an invitation to an event you host.

Perhaps you have not updated your contact’s info section, so you do not even remember a reason to reach out.

It is very hard to not just concentrate on the people of the moment, but the secret that richest, most successful agents have- is that you must have the organizational systems in place for both digital and human-touch marketing so that you are remembered forever.

Don’t forget- most clients want to use you again, but most will not- because you have forgotten to keep in touch. This is a people business. Your competition counts on this. They will swoop up your former client, knowing that you have not touched base with these forgotten ones in many years or many months.

Studies have shown that you should be staying in touch with past clients, friends, and family— through a combination of calls, direct mail, email, and personal communication— at least 17 times a year.

However, when you become busy (focusing on the tasks that are going to put money in your pocket right this minute), it is all too easy to lose touch with your database (that “secret, hidden goldmine” as one of our customers recently called it.)

No matter how busy you are, setting time  (daily, weekly, or monthly) to call your database will forge stronger relationships with people that may not become clients right this moment, but will likely in the future.
Proactive agents do more deals than reactive agents because proactive agents stay in touch over time. They “make” their phone ring, whereas reactive agents wait for it to ring.

So what do you do when you lose touch? Pick up the phone.

Here’s a pitch for you:

“Hi Lucy. This is Jane Smith calling. I am the real estate agent who helped you purchase your home 3 years ago.”

“I’ve sent you my real estate newsletters, but I am sorry that I have not contacted you personally recently to see how you and your family are doing. I just want to touch base to see if you’re enjoying your home and that there are no problems at this time. So, how have you enjoyed living in Sunny Heights these past couple of years?”

Guess what? People will appreciate this. Your time, your personal attention, matters a lot to people.

If you have a scenario or situation you need a pitch for in your business- let us know! We will write one for you. Just comment on here, comment on our Facebook page, or on ActiveRain blog!



As you talk and catch up, make sure to update your contact’s note’s section in your CRM and get a sense of your client’s desires for their future. Children moving out, the elderly moving in, expected children, birthdays, anniversaries (of home purchases)- all these details are VERY important. Do not ask if he or she is interested in selling or buying a home at this time. You are trying to enhance the relationship, not get sale-sy. If the client feels you are only out for a future commission check, they’ll be looking for a new agent in no time.

After the call, follow up with a handwritten note, drip email marketing, a ‘Thank You’ card, and set them up on Seller’s Corner neighborhood alerts.  Make sure that you begin gathering the home addresses of your past clients, referrals, new prospects, and every single person you meet from this moment forward. You need to have more than your client’s email address if you want to earn their repeat business.


And then…make sure you maintain consistent contact with the client in the future. AccelerAgent will assist you with this with: drip marketing campaigns, neighborhood/property data/home value alerts, newsletters…and of course, schedule those quarterly phone calls. People need to hear your voice. You cannot just be a digital agent- you have to maintain your humanness. As we always say, “This is a people business, folks.”

Remember: It’s never too late to re-establish contact with a past client/lead/acquaintance. Use a combination of the automated systems at your fingertips, along with genuine phone calls, cards, and special event emails (birthday, anniversaries). Take the necessary steps (and time block every day to do this!) to stay “top of mind.”

Do you have a script to suggest? What do you do to stay in touch? How do you combine automated tools and your very own personal “human” touch? How do you organize your time to do both?

If you have a scenario or situation you need a pitch for in your business- let us know! We will write one for you. Just comment on here, comment on our Facebook page, or on ActiveRain blog!


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