Registration after X Amount of Property Views

Registration after X Amount of Property Views

Custom IDX Registration

This new feature may excite clients who have asked for a registration screen after X amount of page views.
The main gist of this feature is that for visitors who are viewing either mls search results or custom IDX pages, they are forced to register after let’s say 3 property detail views. After registering, the visitor will then be a captured visitor where the website owner can then track every property listing that the visitors has clicked on.

Inside the Admin Toolkit, then Preferences, website owners can “Specify here how many listing details pages guest user can view without registering.” Visitors can pick Unlimited listings, 1, 3, and so on.

View Custom IDX Registration Preferences
Custom IDX Registration Preferences

If this feature has helped you, please comment below on how it worked for you and if you recommend any upgrades to this specific feature.

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