Rewarding your clients for choosing you as a Realtor®

Here are just a few ideas on what to give your clients to say thank you.

  1. Housewarming Party. This one may sound expensive; however, it does not need to be. You can host a simple snack party serving simple finger foods. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts! Here is a simple guide in hosting this party:
    1. Ask your clients for the list of people that they would like to invite, along with their email addresses.
    2. Create a registration form on your website.
    3. Email the invitation to the people in the list and tell them to register on your website so that you know how many people are expected.

    This is a great way not only to show your clients that you value their business, but also to market yourself as a real estate agent to the visitors. The emails that you collect through the registration form will grow your pipeline.

  2. Move-in Present. If you don’t have the resources to throw a party for your clients, try offering a gift. Here are some simple ideas:
    1. a centerpiece for their dining room or living room
    2. gift basket – choose your theme: popcorn/movie night, kitchen supplies, recipe collection, snacks for the kids, etc.
    3. gift cards – save your clients some green by giving them a gift card from a nearby grocery or home improvement store.
    4. first night survival kit – dishwashing soap, sponge, garbage bags, toiletries, etc.

    Don’t forget to attach your business card to these presents.

  3. Monthly Strategies. You can also send a monthly “little something” to your clients. This is a good way to keep your name in front of your clients.
    1. Send them a handwritten note every month. There are really strange holidays out there such as Friendship Day, Grandpa’s Day, etc. Go online and depending on who your client is, send them a quick note about it.
    2. If you have the time, come by and just say hello. Ask how they are doing and if you can be of any assistance to them or if they know anyone who might need your expertise.
    3. Use your website to send them Market Updates.

    These should get your creative juices flowing. Always remember that a simple follow-up after closing the transaction is greatly appreciated by your clients. Your rewards are the referrals.

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