Same kinda thing.

The 45 second rule

Are you familiar with the “10 second rule?”
(i.e. – when food dropped on the floor is still considered “edible”, as long as you pick it up before the 10 second mark).

Well, the same kinda thing goes for your website.

FYI: True branding occurs after 45 seconds.
If your clients are not spending at least 45 seconds on your website regularly, then do not expect your clients to remember you when it comes to a referral.

In short, your legitimacy turns sour and you’re tossed out with the spam.
AccelerAgent websites are designed to keep your content fresh and your tools both easy-to-use and timeless.

Our custom IDX will get your website visitors connected to listings faster so they STAY on your website longer than 45 seconds.

Anything you add to your website should motivate folks to stick around. Anything you put on your website should keep them there for at least 45 seconds.
This includes, but is not limited to: your blog, custom IDX links, neighborhood values (see Seller’s Corner), introductory videos, and the overall convenience and ease of actually using your website.

This requires your discipline in learning how to make the most out of your website, and, ultimately, delivering relevant content and polished, user-friendly features.

Things like your ability to create original custom pages, routinely broadcast relevant community information, and endorse other vendors and people you trust, will set you apart from your competitors and keep you memorable.

You can tell everyone you are a great real estate agent, that you know the market, and that you know the industry BUT – when it comes down to it, your website is what proves it.

In summary, your website is a digital version of yourself.
You have a limited window of time to catch their attention and keep it.

Do you need ideas? Email us, ask us, and we’ll come up with something for you.

Talk with you soon,Anna and Tim

P.S. – Our bi-weekly webinars are available to help you throughout 2015.

Tomorrow’s Seller’s Corner webinar goes LIVE at 3:00 PM (PST) 6:00 PM (EST).

Also – next Tuesday’s MLS Searches webinar will include LIVE Custom IDX demos.

The full schedule of our free webinars can be found HERE. 

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