Say My Name, Say My Name. A CRM Name, That Is…



How many different ways can you say CRM?

The obvious is Client Relationship Manager, but I think we can dive a little deeper. Slide on and fasten your snorkel. It’s go time.

It can mean Continuous Reach Marketing. Each of your clients will receive a constant (and delightfully automatic) stream of information from you based on their consumer status. Or does it mean Consistent Revenue Maker?

Let’s face it: our clients do 4.6 more deals per year than all the agents in their market. That’s enough reason right there. How about Communication Reduces Mishaps?

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Elbow Grease Time: Spring Clean Your AccelerAgent’s Interior

The Annual Campaign – Sorting and Throwing Away Tip
End of First Quarter Branding-Check – Dust All Those Hard-to-Reach Places
Training Refresher- Clean Out The Attic

Read the full “Tidy-Up” Plan HERE.

Become Top-Of-Mind As The Spring Rush Sets In


The average person knows 3 real estate agents.
You have a few weeks to eliminate the other 2 real estate agents that are going after the same business you are going for this spring. You have days to let your past clients and leads know that you are their agent. Now is the time to cut in line and take the business that you deserve.

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Product Update Recap

Slick new website template!

Homebrella Product Update (In detail!)
Instead of them going to Yelp, Google, or AngiesList, why not have them come to you?

New MLS Search Product Update (In detail!) 
By reducing the learning curve your clients often face, we increase immediate interaction. If clients are familiar and comfortable using your website, they’ll return.


March’s Tips Of The Week



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