Seller’s Corner…Supercharged to Transform your Database

There are new, exciting changes in Seller’s Corner. It is supercharged, robust, and it has become more optimized around your leads’ needs.

We’re making something great, even better. We have added:

1. Detailed client activity record
An action record will generate every time your client/lead visits their Neighborhood Alert page. This is so you can track all sellers looking at their neighborhood alerts. This will allow you to identify which Seller in your database could use a phone call.

2. A new email template
A new email template is now stored in you message library for you to send to your homeowners. This template lets them know about Seller’s Corner and asks them for their home address.

3. A new Client Capturing feature< This is an additional client capturing feature.  When a client requests for Seller-related reports, he or she is put into the Seller’s group, in addition to the SOI group. A contact must be manually put into the Seller’s group to be set up on Seller’s Corner, so this is  one less step for you while you set up the lead/contact on Seller’s Corner. 4. The Alert notification
Once a Neighborhood Alert is set up for a seller, the following alert notifications default text is now simpler and more direct. It is now: “New real estate activity in your neighborhood.”

5. Preview results on the fly
You do not need to click on the “Preview” button any longer. Results will appear as you change the search area without any additional clicks. The interface is more responsive as you make changes to the map as you are setting up the neighborhood alert.

6. More detailed Hits Tracking
The agent will be able to see how many page visits there are to the Seller’s Corner results map on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

If you are a PropertyMinder customer, you have Seller’s Corner for free until May 15th. Try it out! Just look in your Toolkit.

If you are not a PropertyMinder customer, try a free 30 day test drive of the tool.

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