Seven Awesome Tips to LOSE business

Make sure to follow these guidelines for increased chance of failure in your business. 

  1. Have a website that does not notify your clients of new listings or new activity instantly and automatically.
  2. Make sure the website does not let YOU know when your clients have a question or want to set up a showing.
  3. When your clients call- never answer. Just check the voicemail and call the client back 3 hours later. They will love it. They will wait for you and not try to contact anyone else.
  4. Try to find a website that does not track your clients’ search activity. The more oblivious and blind you remain, the better.
  5. In fact, do not have a website. Just rely on your brokerage profile, your profile, and your personal Facebook page. You would hate it if your clients and referrals took you seriously.
  6. Make sure you do not send sellers neighborhood updates. This way they will surely call the listing agent of the home down the street for information.
  7. Do not continuously promote your website and domain name. Just let prospective leads and your current contacts go to Zillow to find homes. The agents that advertise there will personally thank you later. We promise.

Or, do the exact opposite and make more money in 2014.

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