Some tough love for you in June

Don’t assume your clients are jumping out of their seats to read the generic email blasts you send them about the market or the community.

A home is an investment. Pretend you are a stockbroker and let your clients know what their investment is worth.

Your clients and your wallet will appreciate you.

After all, this is an infinite campaign that you only have to set up once.

Set up your sellersĀ on a PropertyMinder Neighborhood Alert. Be the king (or queen) of your niche.

Your sellers will get updates as soon as a listing near by hits the market and when it sells.

When sellers aren’t curious, they don’t go to Zillow.

When sellers are informed, they remember you when its time to sell.

Just because you only work with referrals, doesn’t mean you don’t lose business to other agents.

Just because your email signature says you appreciate referrals, doesn’t mean your clients are farming their neighborhood for you.

Just because you sold your client the house, doesn’t mean they are going to list it with you.

Remind your clients of how GOOD you are at what you do, not how much you appreciate them being a volunteer sales rep.

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