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Switching Utilities Just Got WAY Easier.

  Hi folks, Tim here again, with great news for your clients! We just teamed up with MyUtilities, a FREE, easy, and (most importantly) hands-free utilities service. See this nifty service in-action with a quick LIVE demo. Reap the benefits with a free 30 day test drive. Cable, switched. Internet, switched. Phone, switched. Water, switched. All… Read more

“Google-Friendlier” Listings & Custom IDX

The URL of your listing details pages will be more SEO friendly. Your Listing’s address has been added to Integrated IDX making all your listings and custom IDX links “Google friendlier”: Each MLS listing is part of your PropertyMinder website. It is not framed in, it is fully integrated. Don’t forget: the total number of listings… Read more

Calendar Tool Officially Launched

The AccelerAgent Calendar will allow you to manage your entire schedule directly from your PropertyMinder Toolkit. 5 reasons why the new Calendar is useful to you: 1. It Simplifies your workflow. Set ‘Call Back’ Reminders for hot leads or past clients that you have not spoken to in months or years. 2. It organizes your schedule. Plan… Read more