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Try these past client and lead email texts. What do you have to lose?

Reconnect with your past clients and your leads with these free email texts (or pitches!) It’s so easy to say “hello”and to simply remind people what it is you do. Ask people how their summer is going so far. Ask your leads and clients where they went or are going on vacation. Talk about your favorite… Read more

More ‘Likes’. More Followers. Savvy Ways To Mix & Mingle On Social Media.

Time for some real talk. Posting snapshots of your current meal on Facebook doesn’t do anyone any good. If anything, it’ll just remind people that they’re hungry or why they became a vegetarian. We recommend dishing out the main course (and purpose) of social media – exposure and networking by underscoring your individuality, expressing your creative flair… Read more

Do you keep your visitors ON your real estate website, or do you force them to go elsewhere?

    Do you think outside of the box? Is your website the to-go-to hub? Do you include resources* on your real estate website? Do you have crime maps or a real estate terms dictionary? Do you include website links to nightlife, neighborhood activities, historical facts? Sports teams? Weather? (Get creative!) Do you explain the… Read more