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September Success = Willy Wonka Mantra + Dynamic Marketing Suite & Plan Of Action

Hey folks, Quick question – can you name this (slightly edited) tune? If you want to view paradise… Simply look around and view it… Anything you want to, do it. Want to change my YOUR world?  There’s nothing to it. We’ll begin…With a spin… Traveling in the world of my YOUR creation… What we’ll see…Will defy… Explanation. There… Read more


ACCUMULATE Who knew hoarding could be a good thing?   Collect the home addresses of everyone you know that owns a home. Take back Your Sellers! This is essential to have if you rely heavily on e-mail for client outreach and bonding. Why do you need people’s home addresses? Seller’s Corner Direct Mail, friendly visits,… Read more

Less than 24 hours from now

The “Keep Your Clients Away From Zillow” Webinar is tomorrow April 16th 08:00 AM-08:30 AM PST Register 10:30 AM-11:00 AM PST RegisterKeep your clients away from: The listing agent down the street This weekend’s Open House Zillow Seller’s Corner will help you: Reconnect with your existing database of sellers and referrals. Grow your database by simply asking… Read more

This weekend: 15 Minutes A Day To Quickly Generate New Listing Leads

  This has been a huge wake up call. This is the way to capture your sellers, the ones who are just sitting there. Not everyone has an assistant. We are so busy, and sellers are the ones who drop off. I’ve known that I have to get back into my database. As a real… Read more

Keep Your Sellers Close, or Lou Can Happen To You

Your client, Lou, is driving home after work and notices that the house five doors down is for sale. Sue pulls over to grab a listing flyer to see the listing price, photos, and other details. However, one hundred other info-hungry passers-by have done the same thing. They have wiped out all of the listing… Read more

Common courtesy, not so common?

Common courtesy, not so common?   We have noticed a noticeable trend on many real estate forums. Listing agents are frustrated over what they view as the buyer’s agents’ lack of common courtesy. We are not talking turning off lights and locking doors. Most of us are pretty good about being mindful of a seller’s… Read more

The Treacherous Path…

The treacherous path to Zillow A home hits the market in a neighborhood. The client sees the ‘For Sale’ sign and pulls over to look at the flyer. Since there is no flyer, they call the listing agent. Perhaps the listing agent does not answer. Client “Googles” the address to see the listing price. Zillow… Read more