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Boosting Referrals & Listings With “The Cherry On Top” Approach.

  Howdy folks,   Tim here – how’ve you been? Summer wrapping up well? Just thought I’d share another quick, seller-focused Script Of The Week. First – a quick definition: The cherry on the cake (or on top): A desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch to something that is already very good. ( Think of the… Read more

Break-In The New Year With More Listings (Just 2 Opportunities Left!)

*Do not miss your last 2 opportunities to get inside access to Seller’s Corner!* No. You can’t make someone sell or list with you. But you can make them think of you when they’re ready to make a decision. Instant Neighborhood Alerts + Drip Email Marketing + Comparable Market Analysis = The Genius of Seller’s… Read more

Tip of The Week: Ask Yourself These Five Questions

COUNTDOWN: 9 WEEKS UNTIL 2015 Are your answers to the following questions discouraging? The scary fact is that when you are forgotten, you lose listings and referrals. With only 9 weeks left of 2014 – NOW is the perfect time to take action. 1) How many of my clients do not know how much their… Read more

Search. Capture. Notify.

Search. Capture.  Notify.  Give your website’s visitors unlimited access to detailed MLS data. Our easy-to-use interactive map will simplify the Home Search process for your clients. Listing Alerts are sent to your clients matching exactly what they are looking for as soon as the property hits the market. Your clients will ALWAYS be directed back… Read more

Marketing is not just spending money

Your Marketing Budget Let’s have Merriam-Webster define “Marketing” before we begin: The activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought, etc. The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. An aggregate of functions involved in moving… Read more

The difference between asking and earning will be the difference in your 2014

How many of your clients have forgotten you? This is the only question you need to ask yourself and the only question that needs an answer. If there is a chance that 80% of your database will buy or sell with another real estate agent, then what are you doing to decrease those odds? Transactions… Read more