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Unlike other companies, we will not limit you on how many website edits you make

Why register for tomorrow’s 3 PM PST Advanced Website Editing Webinar? We asked the Cameron, the host, directly.     “If you stay for the full hour hour and listen carefully- you will only be limited by your own imagination, as far as what you can create on the website. Most, if not all, other real… Read more

The Contact Record, Your Bread and Butta

Updating Contact Notes and Contact Grouping It is a good idea to take about 30 minutes to set up your Groups and to organize your contacts into groups. You can easily create groups in the Groups section of your Client Relationship Management (CRM). Creating Groups such as: Single Family Home Buyer, Single Family Home Seller,… Read more

What is marketing?

Your marketing budget is affected by the amount of deals that you do each year. Many agents believe marketing is experimentation, which is not entirely correct. Marketing is growing your client base through consistency and value. Marketing is improving your image and legitimizing your brand. A Free Marketing Tip: Set up a Neighborhood Search for… Read more

You NEED to do this. You MUST do that. Do all the marketing methods overwhelm you?

How many different marketing strategies have been thrown at you over the years? You NEED to advertise in the newspaper. You MUST send postcards. It’s IMPERATIVE to door knock. You SHOULD farm. You’ll FAIL if you don’t send emails. SET UP a Pay Per Click campaign. You need a blog. You need SEO. You need… Read more

Today’s Challenge: Get out of your comfort zone!

Today’s Challenge: Put 5 business cards in either your pocket, wallet, purse, pocket protector, sock, (or up your shirt sleeve like a magician!), and give them to 5 complete strangers. Most people do not have a relationship with their Realtor. It is true when they say: “Closed mouths don’t get fed.”     What to… Read more

Do the math: How much is my database worth?

Let’s do a little simple math so that you can gain some clarity on your business. Here is a simple equation to find out how much your database is worth: Total Contacts ( X ) Average Commission = Database Worth     Then ask yourself this question: “If everyone in my database bought or sold… Read more

Case Study: Winning & Promoting Listings