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September Success = Willy Wonka Mantra + Dynamic Marketing Suite & Plan Of Action

Hey folks, Quick question – can you name this (slightly edited) tune? If you want to view paradise… Simply look around and view it… Anything you want to, do it. Want to change my YOUR world?  There’s nothing to it. We’ll begin…With a spin… Traveling in the world of my YOUR creation… What we’ll see…Will defy… Explanation. There… Read more

Let’s Face It: Agents Are Sort Of Like Politicians (PART II)

  5) Increase traffic to your official headquarters (your website). Sometimes worthwhile candidates don’t get enough media coverage. You might be asking yourself: What’s Wrong With My Website? Why Isn’t It Being Found?  Take a deep breath. We’ve broken it all down for you. We also hosted 2 exclusive SEO webinars in 2015. You can access… Read more

While The Turkey Is Cookin’ & The Potatoes Are Boilin’…

Don’t just give thanks to your clients this year. Give them what they want and need. Set up easy MLS searches, branded alerts, and updates to your custom pages to ensure clients get relevant information at the right time: when they are celebratory and feasting with family and friends. We’ve compiled a brief Thanksgiving checklist to… Read more

Movoto Talks Going Mobile – View the Transcript and Slides

“Movoto would not be growing if it wasn’t for the activity we’ve done on the mobile side.”  -Mark Brandemuehl, VP Marketing, Movoto On our recent Mobile Revolution in Real Estate webinar, we explored the growing trends in mobile technology and how it’s affecting your real estate business. With our guest speaker Mark Brandemuehl from,… Read more

Open House Success Webinar (VIDEO)

Open House Success Webinar (VIDEO) Watch last month’s Open House Success Webinar. Learn how to maximize your returns on time invested in working an Open House. We will be discussing: 1. Maximizing the marketing opportunity 2. Building relationships quickly 3. Proper follow up systems and protocols. Host Mark Burstein will go over all these subjects…. Read more

Internet Lead Conversion Webinar (VIDEO)

Internet Lead Conversion Webinar With over half of buyers and sellers finding their Real Estate agent on line, it is imperative that agents acquire the necessary skills to be able to convert web visitors and prospects into listings and buyer side transactions. This webinar will cover topics from first response to the best follow up… Read more

Overcoming Objections Webinar (VIDEO)

“Overcoming Objections”Webinar for Real Estate Professionals Learn specific techniques, learn scripts for different business scenarios, learn how to overcome objections, and much more. Host Mark Burstein has special guest speaker Eric Orland back to go over all these subjects. View the recorded webinar!