Take Your Database Back And Reconnect.

Purchasing stock can be a lucrative investment for many people.

Buying a home is no different.
If a person doesn’t know how much their investment is worth, how will they know when to sell?

Entirely too many homeowners are under the impression that their home is worth less than it actually is… and their agent is the only one to blame.

The Agent/Stock Broker Approach is a strategy that many agents do not follow.

Often, agents lose their value once a person has purchased a home.

Many agents are guilty of the “On to the next one” mentality.

This happens through neglect or a lack of functional tools.

So what are functional tools? 

Scalable Client Relationship Management

VOW MLS integration

Buyer/Seller Mobile Applications

- Easy to Use, Branded Personal Website

Use these tools. Combine it with the action of consistently providing relevant information to homeowners. Your value will rise, as you inform them of values. 

An agent’s value comes in 2 forms:

1) Prior to purchase – Helping a buyer find the best property for the best price

2) Post Purchase – Updating their client on neighborhood activity on a regular basis

Providing neighborhood activity is the most valuable thing an agent can do.

This is the ultimate defense in obtaining your client base.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

1) How many of my clients do not know how much their home is worth?

2) How many of my clients visit Zillow and Realtor.com instead of my website?

3) How many of my clients are in another agent’s Database?

4) How many of my clients have listed with another agent in the past 3 years?

5) How many of my clients have forgotten about me?

Take your database back and reconnect with your clients by giving them the only thing that matters: the value of their home. 

Be their stock broker, so when they decide to sell, you do not have to compete with another agent for the listing. Spring is less than a week away.

For further free tips on building a bigger listing pipeline, contact me. Hop on next week’s Seller’s Corner webinar.

Hope you are having a great week, 




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