Target. Narrow. Focus. Prosper. December 2013 Newsletter.


The Real Estate industry is a vast land of incredible competition and varying consumer perceptions. With so much opportunities and methods to achieving success, it can be easy to become lost in a sea of conformity, which may very well hinder a great agent’s production. One of the keys to success is for an agent to truly focus; to specialize in and master a market segment, and leverage that segment into outstanding sales results. This is called “Niche Marketing” and PropertyMinder’s AccelerAgent platform allows agents to identify and market their niche for maximum benefit.


Let’s review the top 5 ways to address your niche with AccelerAgent.


1. Custom Lead Generating Landing Pages


Create custom pages describing your niche.  Request contact information in exchange for items of value such as: specific listings, Custom IDX searches, and information about the process. Here is a scenario for you.

You are a foreclosure specialist located in Miami, Florida, who helps buyers acquire foreclosed homes. You could create a custom lead generation page in your AccelerAgent toolkit.
Specify the contact information you would like to collect; for example, name, email, and phone number. (Note: email is much easier to obtain than a phone number).

Now, express an offer: “To see all foreclosed deals discounted up to x% below market price as soon as they are listed, please enter your information.” When the user enters the information, they receive a ‘Thank You’ email as well as the initial list. You can then set up on-going notifications so that when new foreclosures in Miami hit the market, the system will email your prospect with the updated list and a marketing message that you specified, automatically. You can also use the same system to create a lead capture in front of a special report. This path works in similar fashion in that you present an offer of value in exchange for contact information. Then you simply follow up with the lead and begin to create an ongoing relationship.


2. Custom IDX Searches

These are specific lists of properties that cater to your niche. Links to the list can be inserted into your blog, email campaigns, and to the front page of your website. Custom IDX are links that simplify the user experience for your clients and visitors. Rather than making your visitors go through the steps of typing in search parameters, you can give them one-click access to local listings by: city, zip code, neighborhood, price range, and any special feature described in the MLS details. In addition, Custom IDX links will support your branding and area of expertise as your clients and visitors will see your geo-targeted areas and property types.


3. Email Signature on all communications

Your email signature is one of the most important marketing campaigns you can have. Repetition is the key ingredient in making sure your audience recognizes you as their ONLY real estate agent. Your signature holds your photo, your phone number, your website address, and your slogan (which should definitely cater to your niche).
4. Email Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is a series of messages that is sent to prospects at specific intervals. It is a great way to break up the presentation of a large and complex process into small pieces. It is easier for the reader to digest and understand. Furthermore, it gives you an excuse to market your services to prospects over time.


5. Custom Front Page Website Design

Let our team of experts create a specific home page that addresses your niche.

This is last on our list because it is the most obvious and it may cost a little extra. Nevertheless, it is a effective way to highlight your focus in the vast real estate marketplace by placing your niche and target prospects on the front page of your website.



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