That “thing” you call a website. Why keep it?

A toothbrush without the bristles. A car without the engine. That “thing” you call a website. Why keep it?

Has your business increased or decreased since you made the switch to discount broker provided technology?

If your total transactions increased, then tip of the hat to you. If your business decreased, then you, like so many, have business being pulled out from underneath you.

Do yourself a favor and visit your website as if you were one of your clients. Perform a search and see if you feel educated about the market when you leave. See if you want to return or if you would rather go to Zillow, like your clients are currently doing anyway.

If your website does:

  1. Not make finding a home easy.
  2. Not inform sellers of neighborhood conditions
  3. Not keep your clients informed
  4. Not make you stand out

Then why have it? Does it matter that it is a part of your desk fees or costs $20.00? Your clients should be worth more than $20.00 a month to you.

If they are not – then do not blame the economy, or the lack of inventory or other agents- blame the virtual business card that is your website.

Your website is for your clients, not you. Invest in them by giving them tools. The reason they go to Zillow is because you have left them no other choice.

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