The beloved call from your ‘For Sale’ sign?

There is nothing better than getting a call from a curious buyer or nosy neighbor about your new listing.
It is your chance to put on your salesmen hat and try to convert them into a lead.

The person you are talking to is probably in another agent’s database. That agent probably would not fathom their clients calling other agents for real estate information.
The reason they called YOU is because they forgot about their agent or their agent forgot about them.


Your clients would never do that- not in a million years. Your clients would never call the listing agent, go to the open house, and wander onto Zillow.
Or do they?

Assuming referrals and repeat business is a classic blunder. Just because a person is in your database does not mean their phone and internet gets shut off and your portrait goes up on their refrigerator or over their mantle.

Referrals are awesome, everyone loves them, but what are you doing to earn them?

What are you doing to NOT lose business to the agent that put the “For Sale” sign in the ground?

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