The Contact Record, Your Bread and Butta

Updating Contact Notes and Contact Grouping

It is a good idea to take about 30 minutes to set up your Groups and to organize your contacts into groups. You can easily create groups in the Groups section of your Client Relationship Management (CRM).

Creating Groups such as: Single Family Home Buyer, Single Family Home Seller, Condo Buyer, Condo Seller and Fixer Upper Buyer will allow you to easily send targeted listings or emails to a specific group. For example, if you are having an open house, you can send an open house invitation to the appropriate group.

To set up a new group, go to Client Relationship Management and then select Groups. Select Create New Group. You may then select Modify to add contacts to their respective groups.

CRM groups

This will allow you to easily send an appropriate listing to the appropriate group. Select the target Group and you will have the option to Send Message or Send MLS listing to the group.

If you are having an open house or have new listings, this will allow you to send that information to the target Group.

Group Actions

Adding Important Info to your Contact Record

Each contact record will allow you to add Confidential Notes. This is so often ignored. Confidential Notes allows you to enter in details about the contact and the history that you have had together. This is the place to add personal details about the contact, what they are seeking, and important events in their lives. This will give you ideas of how to begin the conversaton the next time you call. This area is a great place to note down their preferences and needs.

Don’t forget about the Birth Date and Move In Date fields. These fields will allow you to enter your contact’s birthday and their Move In Date. Adding a date will alert your website to automatically email the contact on that specified date. You may customize your birthday or anniversary message for each contact or set up a more generic message that can be used for all contacts. This is an effective way to keep in touch with the people who have purchased homes from you. If you have the homeowner’s move in date, you can increase your marketing to them the longer they have lived in the home. The likelihood of someone selling after 7 years is much greater than someone who bought their home a year ago.

An organized database will ensure that you do not lose a listing opportunity to another agent because your client became curious and went out hunting for their home’s value. You will know what to send them and when. You will nurture that relationship over time with content that resonates with them because you would have kept detailed contact notes.

Additionally, it is also smart to select a Salutation for each contact. This will help personalize the messages that are sent out to the contacts.

Contact Fields

So go pour yourself that cup of coffee or tea, take a seat, and begin updating your contact records. As you get to know your contacts and clients, always update the contact record at the end of the day. The time you invest in your contacts’ details will be worth it. Trust us.





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