The Magic Bullet has been found!

I have helped to make websites successful for a few years now.  I have some basic principles for anyone to use as a beginning road map to becoming an online success.

Understanding, implementation and follow through.

What you say?  Work?!?  The magic bullet for online success is work?!!

Yes.  Website success is directly tied to working with the website in an effective manner.  Preferably using work methods that have been successful for others so that you can show a return on your time investment as soon as possible.

Understanding.  You should understand the basics of search engine optimization.  You should be focusing your SEO on your chosen geography and any vertical markets you are trying to encompass, from property management to REO specialist.  You should be able to look at any site on a google search and be able to analyze why it got the placement it did and be able to reinvent your own SEO as your market and needs change.  Even if you decide to have all of your SEO done by someone else, you should still understand it.  Knowing how to do your own SEO will allow you to shop for a reputable vendor and give you a good expectation of results.

Implementation.  You need to have the ability to edit your website directly so that you can implement your changes at any time.  This will allow for your initial large changes to take your website from vanilla to a more custom flavor.  Later on, it will allow you to make minor alterations to clean up or maintain your SEO.  Aside from needing the ability to edit, you need to have a plan and execute it.  Much of SEO’s initial work is ‘set it and forget it’.  These things that, once done, will not take much time to maintain, are crucial to help your website be found and to exist online.

Follow Through.  Once you have your marketing plan laid out, do it.  For many, this is the one thing they can’t do.  I’m the same way when I stare at my Garage and think of cleaning it out or when I am in my yard thinking of gardening.  For those people, I suggest you just make a decision and do it.  The benefits of a working website are big and becoming more important as the world makes its shift to technology.  The calculator, microwave oven, VCR, fax, cell phone and PC are all tools of the trade that were not originally thought to be ‘necessary’.  A working website has been on that list for a while now and yet I still see people who don’t have websites, or worse, people who have a website and completely ignore it.

PropertyMinder offers the AccelerAgent Real Estate Website along with enough free training to get any Realtor started on the path.  For those real estate agents with their own website or for those of you who want a firm understanding and a person that will hold you accountable to the principles above, PropertyMinder offers the TECH-MAR Clinic. Five hour long Webinars geared towards helping you to making your website exist and to get it producing leads for you and turning you into one of PropertyMinder’s many success stories.

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