The Oddly Odd Answer

Yesterday we asked an agent, “How many people are in your database?”

She replied with “100.” Next we said, “Okay, good. You are getting there. How many homeowners do you know?”

Her reply: “Between 300-400.”

Odd. Disconcerning. Yes, that is not a typo. She said 300-400 homeowners.
Our next question to this real estate agent. “Wait, why do you think your database is only 100? What do you consider those 400 potential sellers to be? That is your database. Either they are in your CRM or they are in another agent’s.”

The point is that your database should consist of every single human being you know. These are people are your former classmates, sorority sisters, former coworkers and colleagues, these are the people you grew up with, your workout buddies from your Zumba class, people who you are related to, and who you live by or former neighbors.
If you can talk, interact, or chat with these people then you can ask them for their email. Ask if they would like to see what is on the market. Ask if they would like to see what is happening in their neighborhood for free.

If they are in reach, they should be yours. It is okay to hear the word “No”. It just means that you are one step closer to a “Yes.” So go forth and get as many “Nos” as possible.




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