The Seller’s Corner Free Webinar is coming up this Thursday, July 17th.


“If you are not using Seller’s Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients.” 

Tim Montoya, PM Customer, July 15 2014



Heard about Seller’s Corner, but still have not gotten around to using it? Itching for a way to get back into your list of contacts and reconnect? Ready to see why so many people are reconnecting with old clients and starting relationships off right with new leads with this tool? Ready to instantaneously follow up with your sphere of influence by letting them know what they want to know most-the value of your home?

The Internet does not give you business. You create business by providing relevant info through the Internet and staying top-of-mind.
Don’t have time to compile long CMAs? No worries. Check out Seller’s Corner.
It is a drip e-mail marketing system in conjunction with a CMA.

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It brings about:
-Top of Mind Awareness
-Home values and market knowledge to your SOI
It’s automated. Just set it up once, and let is work for you while nurture your personal relationships and go on listing appointments.

Hidden in your database is a goldmine.
A pillar of business most real estate agents ignore. 
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We hope to “meet” you soon!


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