The Tech-Mar Clinics will have their first round of graduates soon!

The first round of graduates of the revamped PropertyMinder, Inc. TECH-MAR Clinics will be taking this Fridays Tech-Mar Clinic #5.  From Clinic #1 through Clinic #3 we had primarily worked on search engine optimization, business listings, social listings and finally in class #4 we worked on funnel advertising.  Part of good search engine placement is in your amount of traffic.  Funnel ads and the marketing concept behind them help to traffic high volumes of people to your site from very targeted free ads.  I was assisting one attendee with a technical question on her ad.  She reported that within an hour of placing the ad she already had one new visitor to her site who had started a property search.  This is what the Tech-mar clinics are all about.  More traffic to your website and from that, more leads.  If your website is suffering from “can’t be found”, then take a look at the Tech-Mar clinics and turn it around in five hour long sessions that will give you the technical edge to quickly understand and utilize the free resources of the internet to boost your sales numbers.

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