They Think You’re Gullible. Take It Personally.

*Another guest blog post from our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley.*

If more than 90% of your business comes from referrals……..

Then why on Earth are you worried about Google ranking, Website Traffic, and Internet leads?

Putting 100% of your time and effort into something that is less than 10% of your business makes absolutely no sense.

The companies that call you to sell you Optimized websites are using long tailed keywords that no one searches (ex. Colorado Springs homes with a swimming pool under $400,000).

That’s the dumbest thing on the planet. Do not let companies with ill intent swindle you with their digital sorcery. I am personally sick of how they treat agents. As soon as you get your RE license, you become a target for their incessant nonsense. These companies think you are gullible. You should take this personal, I know I do.
If Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and large brokerages are taking up every spot on the first page of Google getting millions of views each year, then what makes you think you can compete with them?

Why not do what they can’t?
‪#‎Zillow‬ cannot reach out to your clients.
‪#‎Trulia‬ cannot make your clients feel valued.
‪#‎Redfin‬ cannot forge lasting relationships with your database.
But guess what? You CAN.

You can email everyone right now “How are you? How is life and work going? I would love to catch up with you sometime.”
You can do this because they are YOUR clients.

Instead of spending money in an attempt to get internet leads, spend a little time emailing, calling, and occasionally texting the people that know you, believe in you, and care about your success.

Referrals are not accidental. When you get a referral it means that your client thought of you first. Why not get everyone in your database to think of you first? It’s literally that simple.

The word RELATIONSHIP is in CRM for a reason.

‪#‎PropertyMinder‬ ‪#‎72Kmoreperyear‬ ‪#‎BrothersandSistersInRealEstate‬

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