Three Simple Rules for Real Estate Marketing During Turbulent Times

You’ve decide to jump start your sagging Real Estate business. You have a computer, a digital camera and you’ve purchased a website.  You have even taken the extra steps to put additional marketing plans in place like a PPC (pay per click) program. You’ve posted a few articles on Real Estate blogs and you may even have distributed few thousands fliers in a neighborhood. Yet with all this activity, your phone is silent and no one is contacting you. What is wrong?

Your website is no more than a technology and productivity tool.  It will not work by itself.  Just like a car needs a driver, your website will need an operator.  What does it mean to operate your website? You probably have read quite a few marketing articles or maybe even a few books on how to effectively drive traffic to your website, but you still have no results.

First of all, not all traffic is good traffic.  Only relevant traffic is important.  If you will go to a dancing school or bar and distribute 1000 fliers or business cards the likelihood of responses is no more that .5%.  This would be considered a bad return on your investment. If you send 10,000 e-mails with an invitation to visit your website you will receive a few thousands visitors, but in this sea of contacts, you will miss important ones.

Rule number one: Chose your battle ground carefully.  Spend you marketing dollars where it counts the most. Invest in potential buyers and sellers.

I am always investing in the most advanced tools and technology available to me. Why? Because they are important productivity tools that will give me a slight advantage. You will not win a NASCAR race driving your commuter car.  The top drivers spend thousands of dollars annually on modifications, just to get the slightest edge. You might not know this but in a Las Vegas Casino, a roulette table has the advantage of no more than few percentage points.  This was enough to build the entire city of Las Vegas. Do you have an iPhone? You should.  The iPhone is rapidly becoming the most popular mobile platform. Do you have best website money can buy?  You should, because this is your business card and this is your NASCAR.  If your website is behind the times, your visitors will not use it.

Rule number two: Invest in the most advanced tools and technology money can buy – they will give you an edge.

You may have watched TV, or listened to radio or perhaps you’ve read it in the newspapers that the US economy is going into a recession.  You have been bombarded by bad news.  Housing construction has hit a 17 year low, housing inventory is high and sales are dismal. You are in state of panic. Let me tell you that some of the greatest fortunes were made and lost during a recession. There are plenty of buyers and sellers out there and they ‘do buy’ and they ‘do sell’. I have not heard that the housing market is at a halt and more than likely I will not ever hear it.

Rule number three: During turbulent times, fortunes are made.  When everybody scales down on marketing, you scale up. You will be handsomely rewarded.

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