Tip of the Week: 20 minutes a day, PAYS


We’re officially in the home stretch: The 84 DAY COUNTDOWN TO 2015 has officially begun!

NOW is the time to act on resolutions and prepare the pipeline. Why wait until December 31st? Incremental time and energy spent TODAY will pave the way to a successful tomorrow. Remember: “Baby steps” are less daunting and much more manageable.Take a deep breath. We will guide you.

Here’s a 20 Minute A Day Pathway Guide to get you started:


Optimize the relationships you have with your clients.

20 minutes: Add 5 homeowners into your Seller’s Corner database. The more clients receiving branded alerts = More hits your website will attract this week.

20 minutes: Add 5 Contacts/Buyers into your CRM. Add any pertinent notes. Place them in groups or set them up on automatic searches. Group your clients into specific categories (i.e. – buyers, sellers, retirees, with-children, children almost grown, etc.)

20 minutes: Reach out to one client on the phone to touch base. See how they’re doing, ask questions, and remind them how valuable their business is to you. Make sure to put anything you find out about their lives into the contact notes of the CRM.

Speaking of the CRM Tool – Register for free for the CRM webinar, which is coming up this Thursday.


Break the monotony, and get creative.

The Fall holidays are coming up! Remember this is a people business. Make people laugh. Get them to share their lives with you.

20 minutes: Design a couple of creative (non-business related) drip e-mail campaigns (or start blogging). Some ideas:

  • Your favorite pumpkin/gourd recipes
  • Fun neighborhood events in the community
  • Invite people for a cider or pumpkin pie get together

20 minutes: Hold a contest. Best fall-time decorated home, most unique Jack-O-Lanterns, or scariest Haunted House. Ask people to send in pics. (Best response gets a free home inspection!)

20 minutes: Send out a fun and easy fill-in-the-blank questionnaire. An idea for you: This month, I am most thankful for _______…”. Best photos: Best kids’ Halloween costumes or best photo of a neighborhood’s Trick-or-Treaters. Winner gets a prize. (Café or Home Improvement store gift card).

20 minutes: Make sure good wishes, anniversary, and holiday emails are scheduled to be sent out at the appropriate times. Adjust the dates!

20 minutes: Send out a friendly photo or video of yourself doing something holiday related. Post a photo of your decorated workspace to further humanize your business. (Re-introduce yourself and what you value in your clients. Dress up in your Halloween costume and post pics of all the fun!)

Grab their attention… and keep it.

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Have a great week!

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