Tip of the Week: A simple, easy way to follow up with past clients

The Two Types of Branding: Visual and Consistency

Your last listing:

  • Did it come from your database of past clients?
  • Was it a referral from your database of past clients?

  • Or was it from a person that contacted you because you listed a home in their neighborhood?

If it was number three, have you ever asked yourself: “Have my clients contacted other agents and asked them about the home down the street?”

In order to get your clients to contact you, you must be the person that creates the question: “I wonder what my home is worth?”

Seller’s Corner will help you keep connected to your homeowners (with minimal effort on your part) by motivating your clients to ask you for a CMA.

When a homeowner makes the determination that they want to sell their home, you need to make sure they think of you first. Not the agent off the for-sale sign, not the agent at the open house, and not the agent paying for page placement on large syndication websites.

People are creatures of convenience. When it is more convenient to call the listing agent down the street rather than look through three months of emails or search for your phone number- you have lost the listing.

Be top-of-mind. Be their go-to agent. Be valuable.

Seller’s Corner is your friend. We promise.

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