Tip of the Week: Clients aren’t afraid to walk away

So make sure they’re not lead astray.

Are you a giver or taker this holiday season?

Agents that do nothing but take from leads may eat better,
but those that give back to leads will eat and sleep better.

‘Tis the season for giving (but it feels good to receive, too.)

1) GIVE 10 minutes: Door bells ring – make sure they’re listenin’! Provide relevant information to 2 potential sellers and/or past clients by adding them into your Seller’s Corner system.

*RECEIVE: Your website comes bearing gifts for both you and your clients. Delivering these merry updates will make certain folks are receiving home values, while also directing them to your personal website.

Avoid being on the naughty list.

2) GIVE 10 minutes: Reach out to one memorable client from 2014. Remind them of their worth and your ongoing commitment to meeting their real estate needs. Then, request a brief testimonial. These do not have to be overly formal or wordy.

*RECEIVE: A winter wonderland of approval. Positive feedback from clients is powerful. Even if it’s just one success story, these narratives humanize and legitimize you. Feature these highlights on your website. Keep it short and sweet.

Frolic and play, the realtor way!

3) GIVE 10 minutes: Just say hello, break the ice and start friendly conversation (i.e. – “Any plans this holiday season?” “Can you believe 2015 is almost here? Do you have any resolutions for the New Year?”). If they don’t answer, leave a voicemail. The more you know about your clients and leads, the better equipped you are to meet their needs.

And while you’re at it… GIVE 10 more minutes: Give your business card to 2 people this week. Whether it’s at an open house or while crossing paths with a client or potential lead, this is your chance to engage in the face-to-face encounters that further brands you as personable and authentic.

*RECEIVE: Get updates about lifestyles and happenings that will influence living situations. These casual conversations will supply you with the hints you need to take action. It will strengthen your current bonds and attract new ones. Enough said.

Consider us the Rudolph to your real estate business.
Lighting the way to your success.

4) GIVE 10 minutes: Spread some cheer: promote local businesses that live up to your standards and that your clients will appreciate (i.e. – local food drives for the needy, coolest gift shops, hippest cafes, tastiest bakeries, etc.). Stay creative in your CRM. Think of new groups for your contacts (sports/athletic aficionados, pets-lovers, film buffs, etc.). This kind of e-mail marketing will reflect your versatile range.

*RECEIVE: Earn good karma. Promote other businesses (remember, what goes around comes around). E-mail customization makes you come off as an agent that can relate to clients from all backgrounds and walks of life.

You’ve made the list. Now its up to you to check it twice.

5) GIVE 10 minutes: Get cozy (not “salesy”) with your clients on slower winter days. Send out a personal holiday e-mail greeting, share photos of you at your office, include quick home inspection tips, and resources for the season (i.e. – checking leaky roofs, frozen pipes, power outage preparations, etc.), and ask clients to send in photos of their holiday home decorations and holiday cards, and post your favorite on your blog.

Or, on a related note… GIVE 10 more minutes: Sneak a peek. No – not at the gifts under the tree. Review your client tracking activity and take note of patterns in MLS searches. Send out friendly reminders and suggestions (i.e.- “I noticed your search includes 2 bathrooms…”). Stuff their stockings with MLS Searches (which should never be at 0 results). Make that list and check it twice!

*RECEIVE: Jingle all the way to 2015. Once again: customizing your outreach, engaging with clients, and directing them back to your website will foster better relationships and secure exposure to your business.

Questions? Care to share a photo of your holiday decorations with us?

Talk with you soon,
Anna and Tim

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