Tip of the Week: How to Showcase Schools

Quick Tip of The Week

Showcasing Schools on your AccelerAgent Website

1. Schools and school districts are on each of your Property Listing Details pages. Click on the Schools tab. You will see all the schools surrounding the property on a map. Keep in mind, however, that even though the distance from the property is noted below on the left, this does not mean the school falls within their desired school district.

2. Create custom pages. Some agents create a page for each district. You may also create a Custom Button. Go to your Website Editor. Click on Buttons. Find the Schools tab under Your Links. Enable (or disable) this. You may also create your own button, by clicking on Add New Link. You may also click on Create Custom Page.


3. Create Custom IDX pages, specifically around schools on your website. This way your leads may search homes around an area of interest that really matters to them. They do not have to do the work themselves. They are spending more time on your website and getting something useful. Create Custom IDX by biggest school district or biggest schools if there are quite a few in your area.

Tell your audience on your website, “If you don’t see your school/school district here, contact me, and I will create a search for you.” This way, they have a reason to call you; you have a reason to get to know them; and you will provide something to them of value (something that will be sent out automatically to them, which in turn, lessens your workload).

4. Open up an existing website within your website, where a lead can search for schools or read about schools without leaving. If you do not like how it fits, have the page open up in a separate tab. Make sure you website stays open at the same time. This is all easily done in your Toolkit, with just a few clicks of your mouse.


For example, you may want to open up GreatSchools.org. This is where schools are rated on a wide range of factors, such as the opinion of local parents. You are providing useful websites, so that your leads do not have search or research elsewhere. Your website is their all-in-one hub.

*As you are reading this, we are adding new school information to the PropertyMinder Toolkit. This will make the experience even more useful and convenient for your leads, clients, and contacts. We will be releasing it soon, but also feel free to reach out to us and ask us about it as well!

Some Background:

Whether your leads have children in school or not, they may want to consider the quality of the schools near homes before making a purchase decision.

Families with Kiddos

Families who have school-age children usually consider schools when they are researching. Even families who choose non-traditional schooling understand that they may need to use the public schools at some point in time.

Families Without Kiddos

Even leads and contacts without children, or that have children that are not yet of school age, place quite a bit of emphasis on schools.

The quality of schools around a home will affect the home’s future value. A gorgeous home in a great neighborhood that has poorly rated schools will be worth less than a similar home near good schools. In addition, by the time people are ready to sell or purchase a home, they may have children. This is another reason it is smart to make phone calls, have automated systems in place, and keep detailed notes in your CRM.

In a recent Realtor.com survey, over 90% of home buyers said school-district boundaries were “important” or “somewhat important” in their home search.

If you have any questions about Custom IDX on your AccelerAgent website or any of the other tactics discussed in this Tip of the Week, please feel free to reach out!

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