Tip of the Week: Stop me if you’ve heard this one


Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

How much does a pirate charge for body piercing?

A Buccaneer.

Speaking of bucks – we’re in the business of extracting more dubloons – er, money – from your current database!

2015 is 78 days away.

What are you doing TODAY to map out FUTURE FORTUNES?

Avast ye fortune hunters!
We want you to do well:
So sit for a spell,
We have important things to tell!

Tap into your Interactive MLS treasure chest.

  • Having a reliable system in place that keeps your relationships nurtured is the driving force behind reaching your sales goals.
  • With our MLS Search tools, you have the ability to create customized searches for both your existing clientele and for the incoming visitors that your site attracts.
  • Take the time to check your Active MLS searches.
  • Review what your clients are receiving and what time of day they are looking for homes.
  • When there are zero search results, they are not seeing your face.
  • Your success is affected by the amount of times your clients see your face, brand, and domain name.

Need direction? All trainers on deck!
FREE MLS webinar launches tomorrow October 16th at
3pm PST (4pm CST, 6pm EST)

Defend yer crew and precious booty from cutthroats.

If it’s easier for clients to attend the open house down the street, then they’re also more likely to ask another agent for a CMA.

When you provide your homeowners with a steady stream of up-to-date neighborhood real estate activity that makes them wonder what their home is worth, then you will be the one they ask.

Before scurvy pirates seize your riches…

Seller’s Corner has you covered!

In order to get the most out of Seller’s Corner you need to invest time – no matter how incremental.

Be mindful of how often you are updating your system and entering more contacts into your Seller’s Corner database. The more contacts entered ensures more website hits and exposure to your business!

Remember, swashbucklin’ baby steps make a difference.

“If you are not using Seller’s Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients.”
Tim Montoya, PM Customer, July 15th 2014

Need a helpin’ hook to get started?
We’ve laid it out in plain English:

20 minutes a day, PAYS

Walk the Plank.

Don’t forget to call and touch base with your clients every once in a while. Ask them to suggest people in their circles that may find Sellers Corner useful: “Do you know of any other homeowners who could benefit from this service?”

Keeping consumers informed will keep you top-of-mind. When the need arises, they will think of YOUR name, and you will get that phone call.

Need extra navigation, matey? Our October webinars will do the trick!

With us: It’s smooth sailin’ into 2015.
Yo-ho-ho! Thar she blows!

Questions? Care to share your favorite pirate joke with us? Drop us a note in a bottle! (or just e-mail us). Anna:

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