Tip of the Week: The Eye of the Tiger

Track. Monitor. Analyze.

Tracking & Monitoring Client Search Activity

Client Tracking allows you to see if, when, and how many times a client views listings on your AccelerAgent platform. Once an MLS search is created, a login and password will be created for your clients and they will receive listing alerts directly to their email address. Each time they open the listing alert, they will be redirected to your AccelerAgent website where they can view photos, details, comparables, and modify their saved search.

Your website will track the search trends of each client down to the time of day they look at each home. As you monitor your clients’ activity, you will be able to identify which clients are curious, motivated, or if they have a direct need for your assistance and advice. Your AccelerAgent website will let you know which clients are ready right now, the clients that need more time, and the ones that need to be contacted because they are not looking at the listing alerts being sent.

Remember every contact is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field and to earn business and referrals. If you notice a client has been visiting a particular property multiple times, you could use that listing to help open the conversation. Perhaps they, or a friend, are interested in the property or the property could be a viable comparable to their current home.

You can find the Client Tracking section in the Toolkit, under MLS Searches.


  Click on “Client Tracking”

Client tracking feb 21 #1



 Then Choose the Activity Type you would like to observe. Click on “Graph Client,” which is the 3rd Column in order to see a graph of the activity. 



Client tracking John #2




On those particularly busy days when you may not get the chance to call the prospects in your client tracker; at the very least, you can compose an email to send to all the contacts that were registered by the tracker over a period of time. Take a moment and compose the perfect message and save it in your Contact Manager. Once the message is complete, you can send that message to all of your active contacts with just a few clicks of your mouse (we are talking seconds here folks).

Try to send open house invitations and market updates. However, for the best results, we recommend a specific call to action which is likely to result in an appointment. For example: “My weekend appointments are filling fast. If you would like to see some homes, I have an opening at ___ and at ___. Please let me know ASAP, so that I can make sure to reserve your time slot and verify the showing appointments for the houses you want to see. ”




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