Tip of the Week: The fastest way to provide comparable listings

Looking for a quick time saver in your PropertyMinder website?
Ever been put on the spot by a potential client asking for your pricing opinion on a property?

Today’s customers expect answers to their questions in minutes. “Please give me a few hours and I will get back to you with the answer to your question,” no longer suffices. You could memorize the MLS everyday, or trust a Zestimate. Obviously, one is impossible and the other is risky.

How do we get fast access to necessary information in order to best serve our clients and leads, and beat the competition? The answer lies in your AccelerAgent website. It’s called the Similar Properties feature. It is a powerful lead capture tool as well as immediate, accurate MLS information.

Now, when a pricing question pops up at an open house or you are asked to provide accurate, quick information, you can quickly access comps directly from your AccelerAgent website. Simply pull up your listing from the Inventory Manager of your Toolkit and click “Similar Listings.”

You will have active, pending, and sold properties in one easy-to-read display, so that you can address pricing questions confidently. In fact, this information is displayed for your benefit on every property details page of every listing on the MLS, allowing you access to comparable properties with one click.

Online visitors looking at property listings on your website would need to register as users in order to use the Similar Properties feature. This is a good lead capture method and you are able to track their activity on your website after they register.

As the owner of the website, you are in control of the information displayed. Set up the preferences for Similar Listings in your Toolkit in a way that is appropriate for your market. Also, determine if you would like to use the similar listings feature as a lead capture tool for new business by specifying the number of times a guest can view properties before having to register.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Go into your Toolkit. Click on “Preferences.”Toolkit
  2. Click on “Similar Properties.”
  3. Click on the blue box so you see “Allow comparable properties search.” Click the down arrow and set it to zero. If you would like to use it as a lead capture tool, specify how many times a visitor can view the property results before having to register. Feel free to look at your other options on this page. Click “Save” on the left once you are finished.
    Allow comparables
  4. Now when you or someone clicks on a property details page, “Similar Listings” will appear.Listing Details
  5. Online visitors looking at property listings on your website would need to register as users in order to use the Similar Properties feature.Listing Details

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Good luck!

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