Tip of the Week: Try Something Different

Do the Legwork for Listings: Hand Deliver 25 CMAs

  1. Pick a zip code, city, or neighborhood you want to target
  2. Use county records to identify 25 homes that were purchased 3 or more years ago
  3. Door knock these homes and hand them a CMA (without a suggested listing price)
  4. The call-to-action you need to suggest is for the homeowners to contact you in order to find out what their home is worth (and you will get their contact information at the same time).
  5. If you have PropertyMinder Seller’s Corner you can offer the homeowner updates about their neighborhood for free (just remember to get the homeowner’s contact information and enter it into your CRM). Seller’s Corner will update the homeowner instantly of any new real estate activity in their neighborhood.

Many homeowners have no clue of what their home is worth. Make them aware before they go searching on their own. Your job is to put your name at the top of their mind.

The convenient thing about targeting a neighborhood is that you can use the same CMA for all 25 homes. You are not showing a listing price; you are simply providing useful, complimentary neighborhood activity in one easy-to-follow report. Now it is their turn to reach out to you!

Try something different!

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