Tip of the Week: We Dare You to Call Our Bluff

We Have Your Back When the Chips are Down

Are you feeling like all bets are off? Tired of folding and forfeiting your real estate transactions?

Let us show you how we can turn your Open House into a Full House:

  1. We assist you in securing Kings and Queens and in staying one step ahead of any Jokers.

    Trulia and Zillow unleash a vulnerable free-for-all where listing agents get priority. There is virtually no assurance that you will retain your clients.

    Cut your losses with our rigorous branding.

  2. We ensure you’re working with a full deck.

    Our extensive online tracking abilities provide insight into the motivation and habits of prospects.

    Also, all listing data comes directly from the MLS, with automatic updates and consistent accuracy.

  3. We work to guarantee your “Future” homeowners are dealt quality hands.

    Our IDX allows you to set up property searches for specific areas, price ranges, school districts, or neighborhoods.

PropertyMinder Listing Alerts deliver the properties your clients want to see as soon as they hit the market.

Imagine a system that will completely automate turning:

  1. Leads into buyers
  2. Buyers into homeowners, and
  3. Homeowners into sellers.

That’s a three of a kind that keeps paying you back.

Want to learn more? Hop on our free MLS Searches webinar today.

Questions? Confused? Just want to tell us your thoughts? Email Anna at: anna@propertyminder.com

Good luck this week!

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