Tip of the Weekend: “I don’t have a big sphere of influence!” (Yes, you do.)

We had a packed CRM webinar today. Our guests had lots of questions about Contact Grouping and Email Drip Marketing, and that go us thinking

Chasing cold internet leads should not be the foundation of your business especially if you are a new agent. 80% percent of your marketing efforts should be directed to people that already know you. The other 20% should be directed at people who have never heard of you. Put everyone you know into your CRM. Group them. Carefully set up e-mail campaigns. The holidays are around the corner.

There is a built-in trust factor that may be challenging to overcome with a stranger. Previous co-workers, neighbors, gym buddies, professional affiliates, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts – just create a list.

  • When you set up MLS searches through your AccelerAgent website, the people in your sphere of influence are always directed back to your website to view listings that match their exact needs.
  • On your AccelerAgent website, you are the point of contact on every listing.
  • Seller’s Corner allows you to become a neighborhood expert for every Seller that you know and it gets them to ask the question, “What is my home worth?”

Be of value to your sphere of influence, while branding yourself at the same time.

The best way to gain credibility is to have appropriate systems supporting your marketing efforts, like a great website and automated email reminders that help nurture prospects into transactions over time. Reach out to your marketing list and follow up with people whose activity you see being tracked.

  • You can add as many resource pages as you like to your AccelerAgent Website. Include home tips, school info, community information, fun festivals, and athletic opportunities
  • Every email sent from your AccelerAgent website includes your branding (your logo, your photo, your contact info, and your slogan)
  • Each Custom Property List (Custom IDX) adds relevant content to your website and showcases you as an expert in the areas you service. They update automatically.
  • Set up annual/monthly/weekly drip email campaigns to stay top-of-mind. Specify the days in between each email and assign them to specific groups.

Make sure you sign up for our webinars. If anything here interests or confuses you, this is a great way to learn and ask questions of support directly.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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