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Custom IDX – A SEO and ‘Keep them on your website’ Power tool

A Custom IDX search allows a potential buyer to view ALL your active listings under a pre-set criteria (a display of all your active listings within your target market). This allows your clients and leads to effectively click a button that reads “Homes in my desired area, my preferred transaction-type, and my ideal price range.”

Many agents create searches that are too broad- with hundreds of results displayed. You may lose business if all your Custom IDX pages are lengthy- having some on your website that are more specified will attract peoples’ attention and will not force them to sift through hundreds of homes (which may bore or overwhelm them).

Make your Custom IDX pages relevant to your market so you can brand yourself as a neighborhood specialist, a short sale specialist, a beachfront property, or a retirement homes specialist.

Some more examples of Custom IDX pages:

  • Price ranges (For example 500-800K)
  • Homes that are over a million dollars
  • Specific schools
  • Types of properties – single family homes, condos, townhouses
  • School name
  • Short sale and REOs

If you are going to create Custom IDX pages, try to put however as much criteria as you like to where you get about 100 listings a page. 200 at the maximum would be ideal.

Or, if you want to create a custom IDX page around certain geographic parameters- simply draw any shape on the map provided!

More reasons why Custom IDX pages can improve your business:

  1. It is a way for you to show listings even if you dont have any. It’s a great way to attract buyers.
  2. Custom IDX pages are like any other other web page with content – they are optimized by search engines.
  3. Custom IDX pages serve as content on your website. So if you have 50 listings show up on a Custom IDX that you just set up, each listing is being tracked by Google and other search engines, and it is always being updated, which makes it even stronger for SEO.
  4. Your Custom IDX pages might motivate people to set up a search for themselves. You will see their activity and you can help them with their search if you see that they did not specify it enough. It also gives you a reason to reach out to the lead!
  5. They are a really good way to brand yourself. Every single listing has your name and your contact information. If alerts and reminds your contacts, leads, and past clients that you are a certain type of real estate specialist (family homes, retirement homes, etc). The Custom IDX pages are “proof” of it.
  6. If you do not have any or very little inventory, it’s a great way to brand yourself and to display listings.
  7. Although you are branded to each listing on your Custom IDX search, the pages do follow the broker reciprocity rules.

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