Top 5 Myths That Keep Agents Broke

  1. Agents are paid hourly.

    As a self-employed salesperson, your livelihood depends upon your ability to close a deal.
  2. Good telephone etiquette does not convert leads into closed sales.

    To be successful, follow-up campaigns require you to be your very best on the telephone. Anticipate questions, craft a script, and practice your responses. It all comes down to the bottom line — who can sell houses faster and for more money.
  3. You should take on every client.

    The real estate business is dependent upon relationships. And negative reviews are bad for business. To build up a good reputation, you need to be selective in choosing your client base. Interview potential clients to gauge whether or not their expectations match market reality. Inflexible sellers come with a high price tag.
  4. Real estate is a front-end business.
    To secure your position in the marketplace, an agent needs to shift his focus from today’s sale to earning referrals. This raises the important question: “How can I turn this listing appointment into two more?”
  5. The top producers are profitable.

    Make no mistake, REALTORS® are entrepreneurs. To make a net income in real estate, your marketing costs must be under 7 percent.

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