Top 5 Things to Make Sure To Do When It Is «Slow»

Slow Season. Off Season. Holiday Season. Winter.
Whatever you want to call it- you have the opportunity
to make it the best time of year for your business.
Here are our first 5 tips for you for December.

1. Cleanse and update your database. Reinforce your relationships. Send thoughtful gifts and cards. Find out who owns a home and start a campaign to get their physical address. Once you have it, set them up on PropertyMinder neighborhood alerts. Ask them about their goals for 2014. They may ask you the same. This gives you the perfect chance to find out about their needs and ask for referrals. Organize your transactions by type: Internet Sales, Referral Sales, and Repeat Client Sales. Take time to reflect and analyze. Which one yielded the most transactions for you in 2013?

2. Brush up on new technology. Invest in technology that automates the process of informing homeowners of rising property values. We highly recommend PropertyMinder. You have more time now to thoughtfully reinvest in your business. The market is improving. Make the improvements you could not do in the past several years. Take the time to understand mobile, social, SEO, and CRM best practices.

3. Be armed with information of why winter time is a great time for people to sell and buy. Inform your clients of the benefits of year’s end transactions. Sellers from this time of year are committed to selling. There is less competition so there are more good-value opportunities to pick from. And what better time to show a home, than when it is decorated and well insulated?

4. Plan a vacation. You deserve it. Relax. Spend time with your family. Studies show that those who do not take a vacation suffer from more health problems. The happier and healthier you are, the more value you will provide your clients.

5. Follow up with every lead. Every lead, whether they are ready to sell today or in 2015, has the SAME value.


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