Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Silly.

We have been seeing article after article on video marketing. We saw a great infographic by Pardot and Salesforce called “The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist.” A funny rap video made by a San Diego real estate agent made its way to the Huffington Post.  It was creative, but it got us thinking.

Yes, marketing trends can help you execute on your goals. Tuning into your creative instincts is an important part of running any successful business. Trying new things; adapting to marketing in the digital world; being innovative; branding yourself around your personality- all these things are smart to do. However, you have to be able to balance your artistic impulses with scientific decisions.


A trend has its uses. It wouldn’t be a trend if it never brought about results; but, if it used without any strategic thinking or clear goals (that are geared around your client database and website)- it will not bring you value or allow you to show YOUR value to homeseekers/home sellers. That would be silly. As the “Modern Marketer” inforgraphic says, you must think as both an artist and a scientist.


Here comes the warning. Try marking trends within reason and with reason, and remember (cue Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”)… to always think twice. Before you take out your iPhone and start snapping photos of your listings for walk-throughs on YouTube, let’s discuss a couple things.     

Should your marketing strategy adapt as trends change? Absolutely. But some trends, if done incorrectly, can actually get in the way of your success.  Never fool yourself into believing that they will replace the essential tasks you should be doing every single day to further your business. Make sure they directly support your contact database. As a matter of fact, you should be the doing the fundamentals well first, rather than doing many things so-so. Concentrate on giving your clients an opportunity to see your value- but do not give away everything right away and always have everything lead back to your website.


Following an internet trend can only be successful if you have the proper tools (and habits) in place that will allow that trend to bring people to your website and into your database… so that you can close deals. Any marketing trend you implement should feed that database. The opposite of this would be allowing potential clients to click away onto another website, and ultimately giver their business to another agent.

Let’s discuss video marketing. We live in a virtual, digital world. So yes, DO give your virtual community the ability to meet you without having to “meet” you. A funny video that showcases your personality and your one-of-a-kind services is great. However, if you give everything away about yourself and your listings, and don’t give those valuable contacts an incentive to reach out to you, to go to your website and actually meet you, and see your listings- your phone will not ring!


Why? It is because you allowed someone to make a digital decision about you or your listing. You never gave them a reason or need to build a relationship with you. And its those vital relationships that are the pot of gold at the end of the real estate agent rainbow. You want people to remember you, view you as an expert, and hopefully give you referrals. How will you do that if you give away every tiny detail about a listing on YouTube? 


DO offer people a better glimpse into a home by creating a first person perspective video tour of your listing, but DON’T just leave that video on YouTube. Put it on your website and give them access to the entire MLS. Why would they call you and ask you question?  Your contacts need to have those organic, face-to-face conversations and client interactions that will allow you to get important information from them. If you give everything away, there’s nothing left for you to give. 

Getting a viewer to view a listing on your website is a virtual open house-but it should never replace an open house where people will have the pleasure of your conversation and expertise.  They should want to meet you after watching the video, not feel satisfied that they got “all they wanted” and move on. They should want more. If they don’t, then why bother?  By leaving the person on YouTube without a path to get to you- you are doing the same thing as if you let an open house visitor walk out of the home without engaging in a conversation with them. Would you just let them go?


Whether you make listing videos or not, keep in mind that marketing a property so a buyer can “see” inside of it, is not nearly as effective as marketing a listing so that a buyer wants to “be” inside of it. Never give it all away. And just because your listing video has had a lot of views does not mean that you will close the deal. Never let a viewer slip through your hands by not connecting them to your MLS integrated website. Give them easy access to all homes that match what they are looking for in a property or neighbohood. Think about it, there is a really good chance that these people do not have an agent that is doing much for them. Be the valuable real estate agent that they need! If you do decide to follow a trend, make sure you have a solid internet presence and website/marketing platform…or else you will chance wasting money, time, and business.

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Let’s recap. We want you to be artistic and creative. Open up Photoshop, write a witty script, get to know what makes your audience laugh and what makes them ‘like’ your content. But, make sure it is intertwined with these guidelines first:

– Invest in a website that will support increased website visitors
– Have a contact management system that will maintain relationships with your added clients
– Give your website visitors an easy-to-use MLS search, to keep them on your site.


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Much success to you,


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