Understanding the people in your database, it’s a little like dating

Lead Generation: Part 2
Generate Leads from Your Database 

You have people’s contact details. They are incubating in your database. The goal is to find out of their intention to buy, sell, or refer in the near future.

“What are their intentions? What are they thinking?”

It’s a little like dating. We are experimenting with different tactics to understand the other person. (Hence, the woman below).


Check your clients’ tracking for activity. Take note of the ones that are looking at listings. Be observant of their behavior. If a homeowner you sold a home to 4 years ago is now looking at property listings, they may be thinking of moving.

This is a great time to reach out and reconnect. Give them a call. If you get them live, make sure to put at least one note from your conversation in the contact notes (or get a conversation-starter from the contact record!). If you don’t get to have a live conversation, email. Ask what mode of communication they prefer. Perhaps they told you in the past that they prefer a text or chat.

One way to move them through the “incubator” is to offer Special Reports. You have this available to you in AccelerAgent. But, feel free to create your own content, the kind of content that demonstrates your expertise.

Ask yourself, “What keeps my contacts up at night? What will catch their attention? What do my buyers want to know? My sellers? What action will they most likely take after reading my report?”




Promote your website to your database as the only, go-to source for property listings, local real estate information, and real estate tips. Remember Zillow and Trulia are advertising 24/7. You need to make sure that your leads are not diverted away from your website. You need to continuously reach out to your database to remind them of your website and your services. AccelerAgent automates this process by sending listing notifications to your database of contacts.

People love games, free stuff, creative marketing, and proof of your past successes. This is a people business.

Have you tried engaging your contacts with the strategies below?

-Trivia Games and Prizes 
-Client Case Study 
-Market Data Update

Kick butt this week. Let us know if you have questions or what you want to learn about next! Did you like this post? Dislike it? We love feedback.

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