WSP Aims for Upward Mobility

WSP Aims for Upward Mobility

Wenzel Select Properties (WSP), a brokerage in the Chicago area, has always held to the commitment to serve the needs of their customers and provide one-on-one support throughout the home buying experience. This remains their #1 focus. A top priority for 2013 was to go forward with a brokerage-branded mobile app that would help their clients find their Chicago dream homes. Wenzel’s White Label mobile app has just been approved for both the Apple iPhone and Android smartphone.

In today’s instant gratification world, you need a cutting-edge mobile strategy that will save you time and money. More than 90% of the US population owns a mobile phone. Having the ability to reach them instantaneously is a must. Real estate professionals need to leverage this ability and give their potential clients what they want- and as fast as they want it. Homebuyers want something that they can see right at their fingertips. Today, mobility leads to profitability. It is a way for you to keep top of mind of your contacts and clients-24/7. It’s about understanding your audience and the tools they need to search for and get the home they love. Staying ahead of the game means transitioning from the role of Agent Confined to Agent Anywhere. We are not saying your desktop computer has no use, but we are saying that the computer in your hand is becoming just as important.

The modern agent must have a system in place to cater to the modern homebuyer. Your decision to market your listings using mobile technology will put more information about your property right onto the mobile device of your next buyer, thus increasing your efficiency and productivity in the field. Twenty-four percent of consumers who do “local” searches are highly tech-savvy people who own multiple mobile devices. This demographic makes up 50% of all local searches (O’Brien, 2012)*. Your iPad and smartphone is just as important as your morning nonfat latte. Just remember, searches from mobile devices and tablets are increasing to personal computer levels. We can all easily recall what the cell phone has done to the home phone.

In addition, having a white label mobile app for your business is a great step around branding yourself in the real estate business. You want your clients to think of you specifically, when they wish to sell or buy a home, or know someone that does. Creating a consistent image, especially on a mobile device, one that is used so much during an average person’s day, increases that “sticky” recall within the agent’s sphere of influence. And that can’t be a bad thing! When contacts and clients see the app and the website, and observe how you present yourself, your brand is all the more reinforced in their minds. You are simultaneously branding your business, your name, and all the while presenting yourself as a modern agent- one that cares about the needs of their clients and contacts. Give us a call about starting your white label app today!

If you are a broker who is interested in positioning yourself in the mobile real estate space for 2013, please email: or call (800)743-5820 ext 4655.

About Wenzel:
At Wenzel Select Properties, Ltd. we excel at providing our clients with personalized support throughout the entire home buying/selling/rental experience. Whether you’re looking to sell a one-bedroom condo in the heart of downtown Chicago or purchase a single-family home in the suburbs, Wenzel Select Properties looks forward to offering you superior real estate expertise and unparalleled customer service.

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*O’Brien, Shannon. December 2012. “Top Real Estate Marketing Tactics for 2013

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