Vista! Make it easy and you'll be happier!

If you are going to buy a new computer and you have been chewing your nails about the change to the Vista operating system, I may have some relief for you.  In my opinion, Vista is probably one of the most marketed releases to receive such an absolute cold shoulder from the targeted audience since the McDonalds’s Arch Deluxe.  The most common complaints I read about always boiled down to change and complexity.  XP was an excellent system and many people don’t have the extra time nor inclination to begin to fathom a new operating system that looks so alien in comparison to the previous one.

I found myself in the dilemma of a forced operating system upgrade when I started shopping for my new laptop.  I went with a laptop option that prepackaged some extra utilities and just the Basic Vista OS.  I did not need many of the extras that Vista offered so I started turning off utilities and removing the extra software packages.  My wife said that inbetween Friday when I brought home the new family member, to Sunday afternoon, there was a remarkable change in speed and ease of use on the new laptop.  Between shutting off most of the extras and going over to and downloading Java along with the optional (and free) that is mostly compatible with the new MS Office I had a system with very little speed loss and it looked so similar to XP that I doubt most people would see the differences.

The idea of keeping it simple and similar is a good general guideline for upgrading a product that has a happy following of users.  Take for instance, the PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website.  This website has had upgrades over the last year with additional lead capture devices as well as a very customizable drip email marketing campaignintegrated into it’s built in client relationship management (CRM) utility.  Some of the PropertyMinder upgrades go unnoticed by our clients until email press releases and free training notices reach them.  There are obviously differences in the comparison.  PropertyMinder upgrades automatically as opposed to making older clients “buy in” to the new model.

If you find yourself with time to spare and you want to understand more about what your operating system offers you, two great guides for XP and Vista are available for free at Tweakguides.  I highly recommend them for both the novice and the advanced user.  They can help point out what all the new extras of Vista are, and how to shut off that which you decide is not necessary.

PropertyMinder offers a TECH-MAR Clinic for those of you with a real estate website that doesn’t seem to be generating any business on its own.  The TECH-MAR Clinic can help you to understand marketing and advertising concepts that will increase your real estate websites traffic whether or not it is a PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website or not.  The PropertyMinder TECH-MAR Clinic is for the new agent or experienced Realtor® alike.  Our virtual classroom is the first step in getting comfortable with technology and mastering the world of internet marketing.

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