Webinar Feedback

We would like to thank Eric for being a guest speaker at our 7 Keys to Abundance in Real Estate webinar today! The webinar including alot of useful information & techniques to help our clients with prospecting, goal setting, & more. It also included valuable role playing and scripts to overcome objections in different situations.
For those clients that missed it, here is some feedback we have received:

“I had a training with Dustin/Cameron 30 minutes ago that I had to cancel/reschedule becaue this webinar was so good!
Thans for bringing Eric to this webinar. Good stuff!”

“I watched this seminar at our office. Great seminar.”

“Is it possible to get an email printout of this program? Too much lost in my notes. Great webinar program.”

“I just attended this webinar (which was great, by the way) and was hoping you could send me the slides (Powerpoint) for it. I would love to be able to read back over everything and make sure I really take it all in. I tried to take as many notes as possible but I can only write so fast.”

We will have a recording of the webinar available soon. Please lookout for future webinars & seminars hosted by PropertyMinder!

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